Mystic to help me becoming cavalier

Which one of them can provide good source of damage and utility. I can upgrade only one to 5/65 ( for 5*) or wait for more resources to bring the 6* to rank 2? Thanks.

Mystic to help me becoming cavalier 16 votes

5* Sasquatch sig 20
5* Mojo sig 20
5* Morningstar sig 20
5* The Hood sig 20
5 *Longshot unawakened
Luke9523Barani7da 2 votes
6* Sorcerer Supreme unawakened
buffajrMasterduxAckbar67RockypantherxSarvanga1_SaltE_Wenis69AmnetiesTheBair123Yodabolt21[Deleted User]tofuシSkygod69VictorVanDoomWooptyfrickendoo 14 votes


  • 6* Sorcerer Supreme unawakened
    I don’t really have experience with morningstar, sasquatch(pulled him today) or Mojo but I would go for Sorcerer Supreme although I really like Longshot too.
    •She can regenerate a lot of the block damage(70% I believe)
    •She has access to slow
    •She has access to armor break with which you can deal a ton of damage
    •She can nullify buffs with her nullification aura
    And I just like her playstyle
  • Realm_Of_RahRealm_Of_Rah Posts: 430 ★★★
    Mojo or Sorcerer Supreme - I'd go with Mojo out of preference
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