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6x5 and P4 Alliance LF > 1 BG

Hey all, it’s quite unfortunate that such a post has come up when we are barely into the season, but it is what it is and we move on! We are looking for a BG(we are able to top up the number if you don’t have a readymade 10) that values teamwork and is on the same page as the alliance. Our goals and directions are as follows:

1) Map 6 with epic mods @10.4k-10.5k prestige
2) Looking at running 2 days of map7 with the aim of collecting t5cc eventually
3) Used to be a Plat3 alliance but we have been securing easy Plat4 wars for the time being
4) Thronebreaker status or efforts made to push for a r3

Just the gist of details have been stated here, always looking for a chat on LINE to see if something more concrete can be discussed! Do drop me a DM using my ID (vydra1)


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