Quake aftershock not dealing the right amount

GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
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As the title states, Quakes aftershock aint dealing the right amount of damage.
In the photos we see thatv she has 5charges on the opponent yet they only deal 198 per tick and that is 3 times

So 3x198=594
But she should be dealing 430 per charge
So 5x430=2150
And lets divide that by 3 to get the amount that 1tick should do
So 2150÷3= 716 per tick
I know it is physical damage buy i really doupt that carnage has that high physical resistance to reduce the damage by 400 a tickyasld8a0g7y1.png


  • MarkxMarkx Posts: 209
    Psyhical resistant is mist likely the cause of this
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