Guardians of the Galaxy - Buff them All!

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With the 3day Alliance Event running it’s a painful reminder how dull this team is. While some of them, individually, remain decent and useful in lower game modes the team on the whole is woeful. Some quick suggestions on how to breathe some life into them, and maybe make this 3day event more exciting to see.

1.) Expand the roster! Yondu, Nebula, Nova, Superior Iron Man, and Super Skrull all deserve the hashtag. It’d be nice to see Kabam introduce some new Guardians too like Adam Warlock, Quasar, Moondragon, Vance Astro, etc.

Adam Warlock and Quasar could end up with some really cool things outta the game team as these are characters with expansive and fun power sets.

2.) Revamp the synergies. These are all straight up boring currently. Running the full Guardians team is plainly just not worth it. Starlord for example get more outta Proxima and Aegon than any of the guardians get from each other. Groot and Rocket for example really should get something unique being in a team. Think Domino and Rulk special.

3.). Really, please buff these characters. Even Starlord, the best of the bunch could benefit from an update. He at least can be ramped up into a great damage dealer but lacks utility. Groot has some utility but hits like 1star Colossus, a fun thing to see with Groot would be a heavy that resembles Cable’s with his arm extending, giving it some range and maybe eve the ability to inflict bleed or poison... give the guy at least some DoT to go with the pillow fists.

Outside of those two, even my suggestions of an expanded roster (excepting Super Skrull as he’s too new to judge) all these characters lack in utility, damage and often both.

Would love to hear other ideas from the community or just laugh with the Groot troll team.


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    Gamora has already been buffed. Groot is already too powerful. Give Starlord prefights
  • BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 238 ★★

    I seem to recollect Gamora being buffed at one point or another. If your get her stacked with furies and cruelties, she really has some solid damage on her specials

    Can we honestly say that buff has her as relevant though?
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  • BigBlueOxBigBlueOx Posts: 238 ★★

    Considering that the next Variant will be focused on the Guardians (Groot and Rocket specifically), I think they are ought for an overhaul plus an update to the other members of the team as well. The next overhaul will come in April and it might coincide with Variant 7 like when DDHK's overhaul coincided with Variant 6. The February buffs were focused on Villains to add more useful villains for Variant 6 and this time it might be a Guardians of the Galaxy + Cosmics or Asgardians so the buff to Angela is a clue. I'm 90% confident, they'll buff them.

    I also just pulled Groot as a 6* so… Lol.

    @Vendemiaire where did you see this? I was trying to verify but hit dead ends. I hope that’s all true though
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    I think the Gamora buff was pretty decent, actually. She's genuinely useable now in places like Variant and Act 6. She wrecks Buffed Up nodes.

    Angela should definitely get the Guardians tag during her buff. Yondu and Nebula, the same.

    I love the idea of Groot doing a Heavy like Cable's. Nice call!
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