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Your Latest Rank 5 (5-star) or Rank 2/3 (6-star) and Why

HieitakuHieitaku Posts: 902 ★★★★
Level Up solo event is on.
Feb buffs have been in game for a while.
We'd have farmed the rank up resources we needed.

Let 'er rip.


  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 4,902 ★★★★★
    No new r5's since January. But I am planning to take Claire up to r4 after this AQ cycle.
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 1,459 ★★★★
    Mole Man to R5 for the Shrug off skill path in 7.1 exploration and as a Skill Cav option. I don't have NF yet so he's my best skill atm.
  • Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,284 ★★★
    Hit Monkey, because he is a blast to play and I got tired of waiting for Nick Fury. Haven't given up on Fury, but needed to rank up someone while I wait.
  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 866 ★★★
    DDHK for Act 7.1 exploration and in particular that ElectroLuke boss, whom he completely shuts down (with Electra on the team he also shuts down Falter and Luke’s Indestructible).
  • Pdogg614Pdogg614 Posts: 25
    Mole man to r3 unduped, right away after the buff ive truly been loving him.

    I have guardian at r3 and figured they would be a nice pair, they buff each other so nicely but not so much they are needed together. His retaliate on block is so damn fluid and he’s tanky as hell. Even playing him in the utility phase where he’s got truestrike and shrugs his damage isn’t even that bad but holy hell does he get insane when he can bleed and play aggressive.
  • PulyamanPulyaman Posts: 1,208 ★★★★
    Hood to 6 star rank 2. Had Mystic t4cc.. T5b and T2a and Mystic iso close to expiring. I also have a 6 star kingpin i plan to take to r2. He looks like a candidate for tune up also sometime in the future Hopefully.. And synergy wotg ghost too. Above all.. He is a good Mystic character with hood stagger and fate seal. Toom him over sym Supreme and longshot.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 3,121 ★★★★★
    6* thor rag(duped) - future prestige play if needed

    Next - either tarrax/cvbw 6* to r2.
  • BuffBeastBuffBeast Posts: 756 ★★★
    R2 warlock. I REALLY wanted to do sentinel, but my mind overpowered my everything else on that one
  • RookiieRookiie Posts: 2,765 ★★★★★
    edited February 16
    I took Doctor Voodoo up from R1 to R4
    When I get all the resources I need he's going up to R5
    Edit: for the keen eyed ones who noticed (looking at you 🐒), yes I said goodbye but I found myself playing the game the last couple of days
  • Ksp_2099Ksp_2099 Posts: 607 ★★★
    Nick Fury
    No explanation needed.
  • Furious_Fighter1Furious_Fighter1 Posts: 307 ★★
    5 star Nick Fury.
    Thats it. Thats the comment.
  • PastorAmericaPastorAmerica Posts: 267 ★★
    Apocalypse to r5.
    Worth it for the beauty of his SP2 alone.
  • SliceandDiceSliceandDice Posts: 54
    I have no r5 yet but R4'd my mags and AA and apoc in the same week😎
  • TheBestinTuakauTheBestinTuakau Posts: 931 ★★★
    The most effective character in the game (according to a certain employee) to 6 star rank 2.
    Why? To make him even more effective in AQ obviously. Also hoping to make Kabam Miike proud
  • GarrettNGarrettN Posts: 308 ★★★

    Gotta make that AW defense stronger.
  • Kavya30Kavya30 Posts: 107
    Corvus to r5 cause he’s Corvus and I finally got him
    Red mags to r3 cause thronebreaker finally and he’s a god damn beast destroying endgame content
  • GreanGrean Posts: 1,373 ★★★

    She hulk becuz she does damage
  • Light7Light7 Posts: 141
    I will rank 4 guardian soon.because recently I became fan of his sp2
  • Thefire13Thefire13 Posts: 89
    IBom...Everyone says hes good and I didnt really have a poisoner other than Claire
  • LiquidkoldLiquidkold Posts: 113
    R2 King Pin. Had resources expiring and Defense. He is a pain in the ass to fight against.
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