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Daredevil (Netflix) fix - just numbers!

ChobblyChobbly Posts: 911 ★★★★
So, back at the start of December we had the long-awaited buff for Daredevil (Netflix). As well as a name change, the buff featured a significant change to mechanics which being fair had a mixed response.

I had a brainwave yesterday - a potential solution to the main concern with Rage which has been there all along. If you halve the duration of the Rage Debuffs, the Regeneration Rate can be doubled!

This wouldn't affect the overall level of healing that DDHK would receive from Rage either way, but what it would do is reduce the issue of him being much more vulnerable to DoT effects (including Suicide Masteries) than any other champ. Plus, these are number changes only.

Here are the numbers-only changes to the kit and one related synergy:

Enhanced Modes
Murdock Boy - Exiting this mode has a 100% chance to grant a stacking (X divided by 2) second Rage Debuff with no effect.

Fight Start
Base Regeneration Rate is set at 80% instead of the normal 100%.

Special Attack 2
At the end of the attack, gain a Rage Debuff with no effect, lasting 6 seconds. When this Debuff ends, it is replaced with a Fury Buff, granting +X Attack rating for 25 seconds.

Kingpin (Bane of Hell's Kitchen synergy)
Devil of H.K : When struck or blocking an attack, 50% chance to gain a 2.5 second, non-stacking Rage Debuff for no effect.

This won't change where DDHK sits in relation to other skill champs, or the healing provided by Rage, either up or down. But it would make him much more useful and consistent to use and therefore rank up by more Summoners. It will help repay the investment in buffing the character and be seen as a really pro-player move.


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    slackerslacker Posts: 773 ★★★★
    Also buff the chance of his sp3 passive into 100% or high enough, that would make his dps much better
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    ChobblyChobbly Posts: 911 ★★★★
    Kabam have said that they are happy with where he is for now so I focused on the one issue most were in agreement on - how the Regen Rate affects Suicide Masteries and DoT debuffs. I agree about damage (and have had some thoughts, maybe for later) but it’s a distraction from this problem which affects his usefulness.

    I can’t see a downside with this tweak - it doesn’t affect damage output, or nodes, or overall health recovery either way. It keeps the balance between Regen and Rage the same but in a way that makes DDHK a more valid option to use by many players.
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