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Perfectly Balanced Incursion Nodes

CorkscrewCorkscrew Posts: 466 ★★★
edited February 2021 in General Discussion
What combo of nodes have you faced in incursions, which on first impression seem like they're going to be a disaster, but are ultimately perfectly balanced when you're in the fight?

My example is Rage + Tranquility.
Rage = each hit that exceeds 2.5% gives the defender a fury buff. At 5+ fury buffs they are completely unblockable
Tranquility = every 15 seconds all buffs and debuffs are removed and 100% power lost.

Chances are that once you face this with modifiers every hit will exceed 2.5%, which means 5 hits and your opponent is unblockable. However, all those furies will drop off at the end of 15 seconds and they will no longer be unblockable. Basically, 5 hits... evade out 15 seconds, rinse and repeat until opponent dead.

(Let's assume that champ choice isn't an option... you can't just say bring a nullify champ in the above example).
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