Im actually kinda mad

SaltE_Wenis69SaltE_Wenis69 Posts: 1,508 ★★★★
So if you didn't already know I was stuck on 6.2 and I've used 600 units so far. Ive attempted this twice both using like 300 units each. Today I went in. screwed up a little at the beginning. Revived twice. Then freaking soloed all his phases but the last one with r3 shulk. Dude. I still has 600 units so I fealt confident. And I had to do it first try. What are the odds. I spent 80 units on my succesful run through the quest but my previous attempts took 300 plus units each. Anyway still super happy I got 5* loki out of a cav and nothing else. also got my 3rd 3-4 tech gem lol. 6.3 here I come!


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