So with diversity here to stay, how about champ changes? Surely this should have been the best method to diversify what champs we use in the game anyway.

Rather than giving points in AW defence for unique defenders, creating nodes that benefited certain classes more than others, while simultaneously buffing the 90% of champions that are useless in the game would lead to more diversity.

Right now even at best we are only seeing diversity in AW defence, after all the 12.0 fiasco which supposedly tried to stop us using the same few champs we still use the same few champs again. The problem is too many champions are very poorly designed, venom, she hulk, iron patriot, Luke cage and magneto for example have no use or whatever use they were supposed to have other champs also possess alongside other far superior abilities.

I for one would like to see a full champ do over for the majority of champions in the game, a big task for sure but more worthy than seeing yet another monthly event that feels boring.


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