Sinister is a tune up away from being the best mutant champion in the game

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Mister Sinister. The forgotten KING. I have been enlightened by the mighty @Pokémonmastah about the power of Mister Sinister the god.

He debuff reflects ALL debuffs (yes, every single one) making him basically debuff immune. This means that he is the Emma Frost of mutants, but that's not all he has.

Also Sinister gains benefits against every class making him the mutant She Hulk cuz he gets stronger against different class opponents.

Sinister is also basically immortal like immortal hulk and corbus cuz he can regenerate health taken, making him basically unkillable.

But that's not all. He can block unblockable special attacks. yeah you heard that right. He can block the unblockable. Pretty nutz if you ask me.

He is also basically like Quake because his sp2 and sp3 inflicts a thick 100% AAR (same as the OP Quake) meaning he can negate all abilities. Pretty OP if you ask me.

Sinister is also like Warlock cuz both of them power drain off the sp3, making them power control gods.

Sinister is also basically Corvus in terms of critical hits cuz when charging heavy he gets crit and crit damage buffs, making his next hit likely to be critical, just like Corvus.

Sinister also has a unique ability where he can pause all debuffs on the opponent, including parry stuns, concussion (100% AAR), and degeneration, among other debuffs. This has some crazy potential ngl.

On top of all of this Sinister has some sick synergies, especially with Apocalypse that makes Apocalypse fully ramped up immediately.

Now all of this looks insane, and it really could be with a simple tune up. If they tweaked his abilities to make them work together a bit more Sinister has the potential to be an absolute god. In my opinion they need to tune up his crit and crit damage potency as well as his degeneration potency to make his damage better, but his utility atm is nuts.


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    So sinister is proclaim as the 'cocktail 'of mcoc
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    Monke said:

    Crcrcrc said:

    I agree, he’s a top 5 mutant, but he is NOT EVEN CLOSE to iHulk.

    I agree

    iHulk is a top 3 science champ
    Sinister is a top 5 mutant champ

    Math taught me 5>3


    jk god iHulk better
    Einstein would be proud
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    If the number in his sig ability are high enough, he'll really good champ tbh
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    1) He can reflect debuffs off sp1 so you could die while building up the debuffs anyways if you are using him for those energy adoption lanes and such.

    2) He regens on crits and it starts with 70% of the damage taken. That means you still take 30% of the damage and in places with high attack values, that could be a lot. His regen mechanic is a nice defensive, failsafe ability but it doesn't make him immortal.

    His utilities are sick and with a bit more damage he could be a monster. He synergises very well with Havok and other mutants too. It's a double-edged sword though. Mister Sinister is an annoying boss who Kabam likes to throw around everywhere so it could make him even more annoying.

    To your point about his regeneration, it actually can increase his regen rate by up to 60% as a sig 200 champ if you play it right (Meaning he could actually gain 30% of the damage taken from crits). The beauty of Mr Sinister is in a fully maxed out version that has already defeated several champs in the quest before a given fight, which is fine, but his base abilities are not spicy enough for most people to invest in him, especially in a class that is already OP. Honestly, I consider him one of the more balanced champs in the Mutant class, and doubt he would be receiving a tune up soon. In fact, comparing him to the likes of someone like Bishop, I would hope quite a few worse champs get the tune up before he does.
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    *cough* lost a bet and had to make this *cough*cough*

    Screw Killmonger and his sp2 🥲
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    Is that tune up to change his name to Magneto?
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    HI_guys said:

    Why do you have nothing better to do than troll

    So you agree. Cool
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    HI_guys said:

    *cough* lost a bet and had to make this *cough*cough*

    Treating the forums as your own personal **** litter? Nothing wrong in that
    cry about it, don’t open the thread if you’re not interested
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    HI_guys said:

    *cough* lost a bet and had to make this *cough*cough*

    Treating the forums as your own personal **** litter? Nothing wrong in that
    welcome to the internet gramps
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    HI_guys said:

    *cough* lost a bet and had to make this *cough*cough*

    Treating the forums as your own personal **** litter? Nothing wrong in that
    welcome to the internet gramps

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