Potential Guardian bug with his Armor

I was using Guardian against Mephisto in 6.3.5 Rage path.

Guardians ability states that he gains an indefinite Armor Up and if it’s removed for any reason it will return in 14 seconds.

Well after the Soul Imprisonment ended I noticed I never got my Armor back so I triggered one with my heavy and consumed a charge to get it back but noticed it was on a timer and once it expired I never got the armor cool down timer so I had to trigger it again.

Am I just misunderstanding Guardians abilities and if he doesn’t get his indefinite armor from the start, he can’t get it back with the one triggered from heavy?


  • RakeYoungRakeYoung Posts: 275 ★★
    Here is a link to a longer clip showing that the armor I trigger from heavy is on a timer and it doesn’t come back until I manually trigger it via heavy.

  • MattyyMattyy Posts: 214 ★★
    Indefinite armor up was never triggered hence it was then never removed and can't return.

    Same thing as mephisto vs variant 3 rogue with her regen.
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