Nick fury start fight with Decoy destroyed.

I have started an alliance quest with nick CGR and AA, but on my 1st fight my 4 Star awakened Nick start the fight with Decoy destroyed.

user name - kinjalvaniya9
LVL 47

@Kabam Miike


  • CalicCalic Posts: 1
    edited February 23
    I am having the same issue with my 5 star. 5r5 Fury, lane 2 map 5.
  • KretenKreten Posts: 15
    Here the same. In every quest and event, aq and aw, Fury starts with decoy destroyed.
  • Edward_symes1Edward_symes1 Posts: 10
    Yep me too
  • _Exodus__Exodus_ Posts: 4
    I too have the same issue. It happened first in the love quest and now in AQ which just restarted. LMD is destroyed before the first starts, straight to degenerating ans 30% health.
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