Plat 2/3 map 5 alliance LF1 after season

We are a Plat 2 alliance with war focus. We will have one spot available after the season ends and are looking for an experienced and reliable player to join our team.

AW: Platinum 2, AW tier 2.
We have been Plat 3 for a few seasons, reached P2 this season and plan to stay there.

AQ: map 5x5, weekly score over 270M, master and heroic modifiers

AQ / AW participation is mandatory.
We expect best champs in AW attack / defense.

- strong player (Cavalier or Thronebreaker, 10.5k+ prestige, AW tier 2-3 experience)
- diverse roster (with solid attackers and defenders, readiness to rank up defenders)
- active participation in AW and AQ
- Line app (notifications on for mentions)
- no suicides on defense

Please contact Saltygoodness on Line with roster and timezone info.

We will ask for gameplay videos to be sure you're actually skilled.


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