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Red Doombot on Tile 5 Map 5 in AQ nullifying

This only seems to happen on the red doombot in lane 1 of map 5 in phase 1 in aq. When I got binary on him with cmm, none of her furies activate.

I don’t have this issue on any other red doombots in the aq, just this one red doombot and it’s happened several times.


  • magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 651 ★★★
    The doombot has -50% DAAR on basic hits which is going to screw with your binary charges.
  • JestuhJestuh Posts: 112
    That’s what I was thinking but do the furies all proc as one thing or do they proc as 5 different buffs?

    It seems like their activation is all based on one roll which is stupid for 5 different buffs.

    Thx for the reply btw
  • magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 651 ★★★
    There are 5 different buffs but they all have the same trigger. AAR will stop the trigger which as a a result stops all the buffs from activating.

    Hope this clears things up 👍
  • JestuhJestuh Posts: 112
    So annoying. But yeah clears it up. Thanks!
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