Cavalier Shattered Heart Crystal opened as a Grandmaster one

Just bought a cavalier shattered heart crystal for 4000 shards. When it was spinning i thought it was strange I didn't see any 6 star champs and ended up getting a 3 star. When I looked on my alliance page it said I had opened a grandmaster shattered heart crystal.
What the hell? I still lost my 4000 shards.


  • Kabam BooKabam Boo Posts: 840 ★★★★★
    We're sorry that you're experiencing an issue with the Crystal. Please reach out to our Support team and they can look into your account directly. Click on Settings menu in the game > Support. It should take your through a series of FAQs. Just select the FAQ that best suit your issue and when you get to the last article, scroll down to the "Submit a Request" link and click on that. From there, go ahead and fill out the request form with your details and our Support team will get back to you as soon as they can!
  • DaJiveTurkeyDaJiveTurkey Posts: 72
    Wait did they move them around in the store temporarily? That's low.
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