One of these are going to r4

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In this corner we have stealth Suit Spiderman and
And in this corner we have apocalypse! These are the people I chose and the next round we will have the looser here vs Falcon or Yellowjacket

One of these are going to r4 26 votes

Team Apocalypse
buffajrSungj_Sham_EtjamaEwell65SSS69IronGladiator22Param1988Nah01JohnyBoyBuffBeastŘïdđhįmRouger4king_ov_scrubsanaLysis_[Deleted User]Primerprime5MarshMarloThe_HoTUTheBoogyManSpiderHammy 21 votes
Team Stealthy
MaxGamingXdSpoodermanxDErosenseiogBen_15455Barani7da 5 votes
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    Team Apocalypse
    Monke said:

    MAX GAMING nsadpiuvnaspuivnpuiasvbijszdn hdsnuiv

    Hello, and do apoc because he's an absolute DOT and utility beast! Insane synergies as well!

    Apoc = mutant chonks
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