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Class Based Masteries (Please Kabam it's time for a change)

So with what I'm showing here, the current Masteries could remain the same... Or not...
A new vault is added and has 6 different categories (Skill, Mystic, Mutant, Science, Tech, Cosmic)

Each has boosts & masteries for every class. I'll go through one class just so we know how this vault works:

Mutant: (Keywords are : Regen / Bleed / Prowess / Debuffs / Physical Resistance / Crits)

So inside the mutant vault this is what we could see:
- Bleed potency: - - - 0/30
- Bleed duration: - - - 0/30
- Prowess Duration: - - - 0/30
- Prowess Potency: - - - 0/30
- Increase Physical Resistance by - - - : 0/30
- Increase Physical Damage by - - - : 0/30
- Critical rate bonus: - - - 0/30
- Critical damage bonus: - - - 0/30
- ...
- ...

Question is, how are we going to get points added in there? And what could be the limit?

1: The limit in each class vault is 70 or 90 keys out of 240, so ofcourse you won't be maxing out everything you want. So be careful with what masteries you choose...
2: How do we get these keys?
Answer is crystals through daily / weekly events.
Monday: Mutant
Tuesday: Skill
Wednesday: Science
Thursday: Mystic
Friday: Cosmic
Saturday: Tech
Sunday: The quest contains crystals that have all keys, but also has a lower drop rate.

Ofcourse, keys being in crystals means that the masteries will be hard to level up...
What could the crystals contain?
Again, example is mutant daily quest:
*Mutant Mastery Crystal:
- 70% T1 Mutant Keys (x3)
- 25% T2 Mutant Keys (x2)
- 4% T3 Mutant Keys (x1)
- 1% T4 Mutant key (x1)

To upgrade 1 point in the mutant mastery, a T4 key is required.
Rare chance to get from crystals, but we can still forge them using T3 keys...
- To forge a T2 key = T1 Keys (x15)
- To forge a T3 key = T2 Keys (x12)
- To forge a T4 key = T3 Keys (x8)

Just an idea that I really hope to see in game, reason is it boosts each class' abilities and talents and it takes alot of effort to add points in there... Which could make the game more challenging and fun


  • TheDaywalkerTheDaywalker Posts: 46
    That's actually a really awesome idea and a really Kabam thing that could be added ngl.
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