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Recruiting for map 6

hungryhungrybbqhungryhungrybbq Posts: 1,149 ★★★
GOOML - Get Off Of My Lawn, is a fun mix of players. Ranging anywhere from map 7 players who wanted to take it down a notch to folks who are new to map 6 and anywhere in between. All prestige and time zones welcome, so long as you can be active in map 6. We're not crazy competitive, but we're not retired or inactive either. The vibe is like.. chill/active.

It's a relatively new alliance. I recently promoted a new leader in our other alliance (map 7) and came here to start a sister alliance with a few officers. We are now at 29/30 and looking to fill that last slot. Having just recently formed the alliance, our war rating started at zero.. so it's pretty low. But as we keep winning it will keep going up. We share a Discord server with GOOMK, our sister alliance. With both common and dedicated channels for each. And members will have the opportunity to switch back and forth between both alliances (map 6 and 7) depending on their availability and capability.

• Discord app required

Holler if interested, thanks! Add me on Discord for more info: hungry#4756


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