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Looking For An Alliance After AW Ends

Looking for a new alliance once AW season ends in a few days. IGN and Line are the same: jscott96


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    NamorKavonNamorKavon Posts: 16
    Good afternoon mate, I'm recruiting for a Map 5 alliance, was wondering whether your focus was on AQ or AW/both? We only run casual war fyi.
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    jscott96jscott96 Posts: 6
    Sorry, should have listed that in the original post.

    Looking for AW and AQ. I'm fine with an alliance that focuses mainly on AQ depending on the weekly score. For AW a G1/G2 would be nice.
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    JestuhJestuh Posts: 274 ★★★
    jscott96 said:

    Looking for a new alliance once AW season ends in a few days. IGN and Line are the same: jscott96

    Hey! We’re a 6/5/5 (with mods) aq focused ally with optional 2bg war. We typically place gold 2-3. Line is required. As is a decent sense of humor. For us, as long as you do your job and don’t cause drama you’re golden.

    We typically put up 4500-4800 glory per week and are on target to crack 300 million this week and get those juicy map 7 crystals.

    I tried to find you on line with jscott96 but nothing was showing up. But if you’re interested look me up on line (jester980) or in game as Jakles.

    Only question I have is do you want map 5 or 6?

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    Colem2220Colem2220 Posts: 48
    looking for 6x5 players aq focused top 700 350+ silver 1 aw optional you can hit me up o. Line colem2220
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    CangaceiroCangaceiro Posts: 429

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    JaaibothaJaaibotha Posts: 142
    I wasn’t able to find you on Line. My ally runs Map 5 x 5 with Epic Modifiers for 4 days dropping one level on the last day depending on the selection. AW is 2 BG’s. Currently Gold 3 after running 1 BG for the previous seasons.
    Reach me on Line at Jaaibotha69 if interested.
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    RiptideRiptide Posts: 3,111 ★★★★★
    War G3 AQ 543 add -Riptide- in game
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    Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 760 ★★★
    Interested in semi-retirement? AQ 5/5/5 top 1200 rewards with minimal effort and early finishes. No wars at the moment and optional when we do war.
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    Sfzx37Sfzx37 Posts: 42
    Join 30 rejects aq as focused - line app sfz73
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    I just posted looking for a boss killer

    AQ: 5x5 epic mod 278 million a week

    AW: 2 bg wars

    Line: Giantmetalhead
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    CtuchikCtuchik Posts: 352 ★★
    Gold 2/3 aiming for Gold 1/Plat 4
    Runs map 665 right now ending with 300 mill. Looking to boost up our team for next season.

    Hit me up on lineid ctutchik
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    Hey! Send me as message if you want to join my alliance! Looking for a few players..We run map5×5. My line ID is princesspho3nix
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    Line ID is huke_juke if you haven’t found a home yet
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    EgoSumLex21EgoSumLex21 Posts: 7
    We are looking. Mandatory 555 aq with gold 2 war. A few retirees need replaced, trying to push for gold 1. Line name is same as here.
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    AlreadAlread Posts: 7

    I can't find your line, if your still looking add me on line alread
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    jscott96jscott96 Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    Thanks for reaching out. I found a good home.
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