Help me with my masteries.

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    A lot of wasted points in strength and greater strength. A base build before you start unlocking more with units should look something like this focusing on precision and cruelty to capitalize on critical hits to get the most damage for the cheapest cost. You only ever need 1 point in dexterity too.

    Do what you want with the rest (like mystic dispersion, more in courage, etc). Eventually you'll want to tweak by higher cost masteries like deep wounds which makes bleed champs crazy better and/or willpower to heal from debuffs.

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    My best mastery setup. You can not invest into offensive expansive masteries like assassin and deep wounds and drop some points in defence. I actually opened it only because they had a mastery cores sale a very long time ago. If you use bleed champs like nf, I'd max deep wounds, if units is not a problem. Probably would've drop stand your ground and perfect block, pierce to 1 point, unfazed is mostly useless.
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