6.3.6 CAPTAIN AMERICA supposed to be nerf?

GriZzLyRoDGriZzLyRoD Posts: 17
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Hello guys. Kabam recently nerf act 6 they said. i was already explored 6.1 and 6.2. now i am trying to do 6.3. but they said we nerfed but captain america boss event worst even hard then before how is possible ? at least before people enter with ronan it was so easy. but now? anyway any tips for this supposed to be ''NERFED'' captain america how can i easly defeat him?


  • GriZzLyRoDGriZzLyRoD Posts: 17
    thanks bro. still difficult than ronan :)
  • udyedagainudyedagain Posts: 559 ★★★
    I used stealthy, costs me 6 revives, because inputs kept dropping on his last 20 percent of health, dexterity was not working and I kept taking 30k heavies lol.

    Stealthy hits like a truck he took about 40 percent of his health before he got to SP3
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