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Alt: Next r5 or next r2?

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I’m struggling to decide between another rank 5 or rank 2 since they’re all great champs. My only other rank 5 is Doctor Doom, and my only other rank 2 is Cmm

Alt: Next r5 or next r2? 24 votes

R5 Guardian Sig 127
10or_StrongBlackshadow0203ŘïdđhįmanaLysis_Husain_b128BuggyDClown 6 votes
R5 Mysterio Sig 30
R5 Unduped Hulk Buster
Foxhero007 1 vote
Rank 2 Unduped Claire Voyant
Drake2078Osfan8Zeronaut81OGAvengerKRANꓘWoody15Ksp_2099Thoye3Param1988JohnyBoySuperiorSymbioteCharlie21540EtherealityAdios50CrcrcrcMarshMarlo 16 votes
Rank 2 Unduped Longshot
Rank 2 Unduped Sym Supreme
gggg00 1 vote
Rank 2 Unduped Thing
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