Suggestion for Side Quests with Items to Enter (Tokens, Coins, Feathers, Etc.)

Wubbie075Wubbie075 Posts: 518 ★★
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So in this side quest, and many other recent ones, we must use some sort of item to enter. Some months, if we back out of the quest we get the entry item refunded, but other times, like this month, we do not get a refund.

How about, if we enter the quest but do not move off the starting node, we can back out for a refund, but if we move (even by accident) we are no longer eligible for the refund?

That would allow us to pop in and scout the path so we can form an appropriate team, but wouldn't let people try quests above their roster/skill level over and over until they get lucky on a particular run (I think I've seen that listed as a reason not to allow the refunds). It would also allow people who accidentally entered the wrong quest to not lose a resource due to an error.

If there's another reason the refunds are not allowed (and I think it tends to happen more if there is 0 energy cost?) that would make my suggestion untenable, I'd be curious to hear about it. There are usually things I have not considered.

An alternative would be to just allow us to spectate the map like we can in AQ and AW.
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