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  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 755 ★★★
    OK, I see that now. Reading is hard and I only tested her on WS and, you know, didn't think to eat a sp2 to see what would happen.
  • ESFESF Posts: 1,522 ★★★★★

    ESF said:

    Menkent said:

    I keep seeing people say angela is debuff immune.... my 5* is at sig 140 and she only reduces debuff duration by 29.17%. Is the scaling on her sig ability exponential or something? Max sig 4* is -25% duration. Unless that's a classic kabam typo, you're still taking 75% of the damage. I'm not overwhelmed.

    It's per buff. You can get 3 buffs with angela easily.
    Oh, my...oh, my. I hadn’t tested the kit in Debuff matchups...oh, my.

    I have also not tested cause I have her as unawakened 6 star.🥺😢
    I am just gonna say this...I have to test that, because that is one of those things where maybe the 5-star at high sig...I mean, oh, my

  • TruckaceTruckace Posts: 17
    CW got a huge buff, a lot better than before, but the dashback + hold is a bit annoying to maintain the furies.

    Angela's damage seems a "little" higher, but that updated sig ability with debuff reduction seems amazing! Also excellent that she can parry non contact hits now.

    Massacre got a slightly damage increase, definitely alot more playable as its easier to maintain ignition charges to light his bat on fire.

    I'm not a fan of the new Hood. He kind of sucks vs non-buff heavy champs. With the bullets persisting from fight to fight, he would run out of bullets pretty quick. The damage can be nice if you stack alot of hexes, sp2 + heavy attack to burst them, but its not sustainable when you run out of bullets. Invisibility is interesting, but can get you clipped if the attack is multi hit. Regen / power steal is good.
  • BahubaliBahubali Posts: 321 ★★
    Angela's buff is more like MoonKnight silent buff to stack bleeds..Nothing to boast about..
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 842 ★★★
    Has anyone noticed any problems with Massacre? I only have the four star but I took him into ROL to see how he did. What I would do is try to see how many incinerates I could stack using the special one. The heavy attack places 3 or 4 incinerates and then Special one to refresh. I got up to about 20 or so and the ignition was about expire. When I would heavy again I would start getting ignition charges while the bat was ignited. The bat never stopped being ignited but I would have intervals of not being able to place incinerates. It seems like it’s bugged where at certain points you start gaining ignition charges when you shouldn’t. Curious if anyone had the same problem.
  • MarshMarloMarshMarlo Posts: 207 ★★
    All I know is we have another Icarus Cheese! Can't wait to try Angela there :))
  • MarshMarloMarshMarlo Posts: 207 ★★

    Here ya go. 5*R3 on an Icarus node. No degen at all
  • PoupPoup Posts: 28
    Love civil warrior and hood new mechanics and damage output! So many of us felt very unlucky with their 6* pulls, those buffs honnestly make champion worth a r2 now imo
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