I love it Kabam I really do. But......

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Most of the people I talk to on line usually come to me for clarification on the game because I enjoy that aspect of it, and like to consider myself a little
above average in knowledge of the game.

One thing that was brought up from all tiers is that they all feel forced to watch YouTube and take about an hour to figure out how these side quest work. The Jubilee arcade I literally had to send a group message on what quest to run every day so they wouldn’t get confused.

This makes me wonder. How dependent should a player be on YouTube and Reddit and Forums etc to get information as simple as a side quest. I do understand that you are trying to make them fun and engaging and they are engaging. I just don’t think a player should have to do anything outside of the game to enjoy it.

My friends are confused and some have even said they were thinking about quitting because they are not a pro gamer , just want to enjoy some content and smash through everything.

I wonder if there was a better way to communicate the side quest.


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    there’s a mod comment somewhere in the thread that made the sq a lot easier for a lot of people to understand

    Shouldn’t have had to happen though
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    FiiNCH said:

    Kabam logic - complicated side quests = fun.

    I don't think that's the case at all. They have to make content enticing which means finding ways to attract people to try content or pick up the game for the first time. I absolutely agree that things are getting more complicated as we go along. But that's also how games evolve.

    They just need to spell it out better in the announcements.
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    It's not as difficult ... once you ignore half of the details it's pretty simple lol.
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    As the game had grew in complexity, it is inevitable that newer Summoners will have to invest time watching YouTubers and read Forum posts plus Social media postings to get some grip on the game.

    The same for long-time casual playing Summoners.
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