Boss Killer? Want to be? Join our 4M alliance!

Very active, climbing alliance looking for 1 strong addition. Looking for someone with a strong roster (at least able to clear map 3/4 AQ paths solo), highly active, and excited to join our fun & lively group to advance together.

AQ/AW focus (running 43333 for now, adding more 4/5 map soon). Current minimum donation is 13.5K gold, 850 loyalty, so very low but will grow as we add more pay maps for AQ. Hit SA easily every week (better rewards than the hoarders).

We require Discord app to coordinate - ask that you communicate well and participate often. If interested add me in game (SWGOH Mos Def), on Discord (mosdef1981 #0118), or on Line (mosdef1981).

Look forward to hearing from you.


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