Rank up 5/50 Magik or SW?

Hello, everyone. Finally i got my third t4 mystic catalyst, so i'm ready to rank up to 5/50 one of my 4/40 4* (i don't have any 5* mystic). I don't have another 4* decent champ (no mordo, no ghost rider, no hood).

Sooooo, Scarlet Witch or Magik?? Both duped, both sig level 80.

My top champ is a 3/45 5* duped Cap Marvel and i don't have a power control champ


  • NyaleNyale Posts: 126
    SW since she can't be in 5* and she still rocks
  • theshiznit05theshiznit05 Posts: 107
    SW or neither. 6 stars are going to make 4 stars not worth ranking up.
  • ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 415 ★★
    Magik is one of my favourite rank 5 4* champs she's got some awesome ability power control and limbo is a life saver I've not got a 4* Witch she's eluded me but magik is awesome imo
  • I know that 6*s are going to make 4*s not worthy, but i've been playing since the game came out and i only have 6 5* (only cap marvel duped and a UC from chips). Besides i really need to upgrade my team, i haven't completed road to labyrinth nor 100% Act 4.
  • GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291
    SW, still has ridiculous damage output from time to time, not a dependable power control nor regen but she finishes fights fast, especially if you have MD
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