Are the days of compensation over?

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Kabam we've dealt with a lottttt of issues for many months now and not 1 mention of some kind of compensation to show you care that we are still here. From champion bugs, to server issues, nodes not working, persistent charges just gone, parry not working, AW and AW bugs, and that's just to name a few. I'm in AQ right now and my LMD is just gone on Nick Fury again and my Corvus charges aren't there and I was like okay it's time and I need to say something. I'm not saying we need to be compensated for every time there is a bug in the game or you'd be sending them out every week but we've put up with a lot and just want something that shows us that you understand our concerns and want us to stick with you. This post may be taken down or closed right after it is posted but something needed to be said. Do you just not give compensation anymore? Are you waiting to fix the biggest bugs and then going to send out something? You could tell us that. You could apologize for the state of the game lately. We're burning revives and potions constantly because of a lot of these bugs and it's becoming a big issue.


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    Did you check the devices threads? Cause that's usually where these posts end up..
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    dude, every game has bugs. and they fix most of them, and some just take more time than others. if you're this invested in a mobile game, i recommend taking a break
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    This community sometimes XDDDDD. Compensation this! Compensation that!
    (Not saying all just a good amount)
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    They are fixing most of the bugs and have been doing a lot of pro-player moves ever since the roadmaps are out.
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    It's not fair, especially for those paying large amounts to play, but IMHO it's one of the downfalls to mobile/online gaming that people should be aware of when playing and paying into it.

    Cartridge/disc games spend a very long time being built to be almost 100% perfect. But then you are 'stuck' with the content on that game. No monthly new content, and pretty soon you get bored once completing it.

    Mobile/online gaming is the opposite. Constant updates, regular new content to play, and a much longer lifespan to keep players interested. The problem is they don't have months/years to design a completely flawless game. I understand that, and accept it when bugs appear.

    I personally would never spend anything other than a trivial amount of money on a game like this, for this particular reason.
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    They seem to have plenty of time to design more and more convoluted side quests every month. Maybe some of that time could be devoted to fixing Nick Fury and the persistent charges fiasco that has been going on for months.
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    dude, every game has bugs. and they fix most of them, and some just take more time than others. if you're this invested in a mobile game, i recommend taking a break

    Wow people are not that smart if they think that games don't have bugs. Like why does this have like 10 disagrees?
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    I wont mind a 5 star nexus
    I will take it
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    I wont mind a 5 star nexus
    I will take it

    Well...they are giving a PHC nexus in
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    Pmr3 said:


    So your saying everyone should just ignore the persistent charge issues that’s been going on for months. On top of dozens of other things. Especially NF an been hurting people in war, etc. Look how fast they had hood regen fixed bc it was benefiting the players. There should be compensation. In my honest opinion I think they already know how to fix the issue but why would they when majority of the community will run to there defense and say the community just needs to stop whining and asking for game to be fixed and compensation.

    Yeah. The change was reversed faster than a new champ introduction. The compensation might not be the end solution, but at least give an update on the progress or if anything is even being done about it!
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    The game is free to play, no one is forced to buy anything to progress in the game, ofc like in most games on most platforms the developers give the users options to buy “advantage” to progress a lot faster and easier by buying for real money, but still it’s voluntary, it’s not a must to progress, does it take longer and probably more skill to progress without buying? Most likely.
    So if you don’t like doing it the normal way(without PTW)stop playing it.
    (side note, PTW stands for “Pay To Win” if you didn’t know that)
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    I don’t like to call for compensation, but issues have been staggering the last two months.
  • SaltE_Wenis69SaltE_Wenis69 Posts: 1,480 ★★★

    I wont mind a 5 star nexus
    I will take it

    Just do the SQ. Tier 8 has one
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    I'm not even asking for anything crazy like a 6 star nexus or anything but how about even an apology for what players have been going through lately for a start and then send out players something to let them know they appreciate them sticking with MCOC? Some revives and potions for both AQ, AW, and questing. I'm sick of my screen saying parry but nothing happens. What should I just play every fight as if it is stun immune and just take the block damage? Should I just not play with Fury because he may or may not have his LMD? What's the answer for the ones saying bugs happen and it's fine? This has been going on for MANY months now. This isn't something new this last update. Kabam say they play the game then how can they not do something about it? We've put up with a lot and deserve something that shows you appreciate us continuing with you Kabam.
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    I agree we need a compensation but I am not sure how much it should be. I've been facing a lot of game lags . The fight doesn't start in AQ and war which quest 50% health and a death in war. But there r players like my friend who hasnt faced any issues at all. I am not sure how big this group of people is. Players with perfectly working game doesn't thank kabam on forum for that so it's hard to find the ratio.
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