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LF1-2 | AW focused, G1T4 2BG | AQ 5x5 >250 mil | Line | Perpetual underdogs | Dysfunctional family

So hi, uh... *taps mic*, this thing on? Yeah? Cool.

First off, if you're reading this, something in the title got your attention. Maybe you're just bored, maybe you're considering a change if direction in game. Maybe you just wanted to know what kind of person uses "perpetual" and "dysfunctional" in a recruitment post. I'm not here to judge.

But since I have your time, let me try to explain what Hannibal Lecter's Bar & Grill is about.

Normally, here's where there would be a fancy image. Just like last time I posted, sadly, my graphics dude is unavailable, so words it is.

We are a scrappy bunch, a 23 mil alliance that somehow have managed to slowly, but consistently, climb up from the humble origins in wood league level AW, and donkey level AQ, to have made it into G1. Last season was one long rollercoaster ride, with some really impressive moments - munching on a 50 mil alliance and taking home the win is still exciting stuff for us. And that's really the essence of what we're about: We aren't the biggest. We know we aren't the best there is, either. But we punch above our weight, and we do so because we're genuinely coordinated. We plan. We strategize. We probably spend way too much time overthinking things, but when we hit the field, we know what we're doing. And we make sure our players on the field do, too.
Grabbing G1 as a 23 mil alliance is probably not unique, but it's a testament to what you can do when you have a group of people who work together as a team - and the rest of the time, we're more like a digital, dysfunctional family.
Loads of chatter, crosstalk and off in the corner, someone is bawling their eyes out because they got shafted on a 6* featured yet again (in all honesty, that's probably me. 10 tries in and I'm nowhere near getting anything I had hoped for from that damn crystal).

Despite the disturbing image of a grown man throwing a tantrum over bad luck, we are adults. Most of us are family people, and this is also why we run 2BG AW. We want to be able to let people have personal lives - at least some of the time. So if you're ready to go for all 12 wars a season? Great, we'd love to hear from you. If you have need of taking a couple wars off to focus on things happening in your life? We can accomodate that.

AQ runs, by and large, on autopilot. We won't be top scorers ever, because we don't shoehorn people into R5'ing and max sig'ing their Silver Surfer for prestige. Also, we stick with AQ5 (with epic mods), to keep things unexciting, but also resource-free and reliable. And hey, crossing 250 mil milestone is still pretty decent in terms of rewards.

So what are we looking for?

We are looking for one, or maybe two if it's a package deal, that want to join our band of oddballs, outcasts and whatever else that sounds good, beginning with the letter O. We'd like for our new recruit(s) to live up to a few things, to keep things realistically doable:

You need to be able and willing to field at least 3 x 5r5/6r2 for AWD. We also expect your attack team to be maxed out. So already there is our formal expectations. Yeah, I'm sure you are a "1337 s00pa b0ss k1ll4rh" who can solo the entire map with your 5r3 unduped CG, while fielding 4* defenders. It's cool. You go do that. Elsewhere.
We're looking for someone who also realizes that fielding a competent defense helps the team and takes pressure off the attackers by helping secure kills. If you are on board with that, you're already two steps of the way.

We also expect you to be able to use Line, in the sense that we don't need to wait double-digit hours for you to respond to a ping to take a linked node down. Real life takes precedence, of course, but if you routinely get called to work for 24 hour shifts in a concrete bunker, then maybe this isn't such a good idea. It's not that we're bastards, but having 1 person who thinks they can juggle RL with in-game and consistently flaking out leaves me with more disgruntled members, so in that regard we prefer people with enough life experience to be realistic and honest.

Both/all genders, all creeds, all timezones and skin colors are represented in our alliance. It's never been an issue, but it goes without saying that we will not tolerate bigotry, sexism, racism or anything similar. It's one of the few things I will kick people without warning for. I've got enough teenage drama on the homefront on the everyday, I don't open up Line to having to educate other people on basic human decorum. Similarly for the rest of the alliance. So if you think you're a hardcore edge-lord with your cutting edge, stolen-from-4chan prefabricated memes about genocide and pandemic targeting, walk on by. Save us both the time it'll take for me to have to kick you out again. That's not to say we don't have fun, or occasionally get rowdy and bawdy, but let's not go down the "who can display more transgressive behavior for attention".

If you've read all of this, and I haven't scared you away yet, either you're incredibly bored and have run out of internet to surf, or. perhaps, you're thinking "Leave all that can be spared. We travel light. Let's hunt some Ork" . In which case, awesome, Aragorn, we'd love for you to join us.

You can reach me either here, or far preferred, on Line, "QuietusDK". Let's have a chat, and see if we're a match.

Until then, thank you for your time. May your day be awesome.


  • QuietusDKQuietusDK Posts: 40
    Well, as it happens, still got 1 spot. Thought we had it filled, but it would appear that posting weird GIFs in main Line channel was so important, our member-to-be didn't have the time to actually join.

    So in case you're thinking rank 1500 AQ with a handful of G1 warfare sounds like your thing, then this is where you could look ;)
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