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Cav EQ 3.1 working as intended?

I am working my way through this month’s EQ and am on my fourth run of 3.1. I’ve noticed that I am not getting any noticeable damage increase from the poison to fury conversion. Seems like my normal damage without any fury bonus. Prior month’s I could hit ridiculous numbers from my champs. Been using fully maxed 5* champs - void, HT, and CapIW. I took a video, which I can’t post here, of my latest fight using void. The KO hit with 8 stacks of fury is only 17k which is what I would expect with having fear of the void active plus be in assassins range. I’ll fully explore the chapter without a problem, but seems to either not be working or I am missing something. Any thoughts? Anyone else notice this? Posting 2 screen shots from the video to show that the 30% weakness is not active either.


  • Sarvanga1_Sarvanga1_ Posts: 4,139 ★★★★★
    Void would never do a 17k on special 1 last hit normally.
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 151
    Yeah. 17k is definitely a normal hit in that range from an sp1. Prior months he would hit 75k from the same in this chapter. My CapIW is only hitting at 53k or so for sp2’s that should be well over 200k hits here with 15 fury stacks.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,180 ★★★★★
    Just keep an eye out on the degen he does.

    (He’s usually slow prior to FotV so I’m not surprised he does the EQ slower. I used Rulk + Terrax this round. So much faster as the poisons don’t need a parry to be shrugged off.)
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