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Why Isn't Odin Shock Immune?

TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,315 ★★★★★
I know, I know. People hate these threads, but I'm genuinely curious what the thought process was behind designing Odin without some sort of interaction with shock....especially after his motion comic highlighted him talking about how Thor has the thunder but Odin created the storm.

OG Thor: 40% shock resistance.
Ragnarok Thor: Shock debuffs shrugged off 40% faster.
Jane Foster: 70% shock resistance.

So why does Odin's base kit have no interaction at all with shock? At the very least shouldn't he have a higher shock resistance than those above? Or, since it's Odin, maybe he somehow benefits from having a shock placed on him (such as passive power gain or dealing bursts of true damage to the enemy on each hit as long as a shock is placed on him)? Just seems strange that the only part of his kit with anything about shock resistance is with his pre-fight/cross-fight ability where he can apply a 70% shock resistance to anyone on the team except for himself...
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