IWD Boss Rush was... a little disappointing

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First off, I want to say happy International Women’s Day! And that this is not a complaint about rewards, they are great! If anything overturned for how easy the quest is.

I was looking forward to a harder bit of content after finishing 7.1 100%, but this sadly was just select some great champs, go in and not really worry about the nodes. I was hoping for maybe a quest this level and then for the profile pics would’ve loved a harder challenge difficulty. What are your thoughts???
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    Yeah all the fights were pretty easy. Used void for sorceror supreme and tigra, venom for black widow and storm, cap iw for elsa and guilly 2099 for jubilee. Nice rewards, not great but good for the difficulty. Got a 5* wasp dupe from the crystal so nothing exciting but I'll always take any 6* shards.
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    It was fun - I do agree last year's was harder, but then again how many people went in with 6r3 this year that weren't as widespread back then? I used 5/65s but it was still a nice event. 6* shards were also very nice for just 6 fights.
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    It was good run, not a lot to think about, could cheese it all with capIW and AA but the rewards reflected it

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    To be fair in kabams side the nodes weren't sett by then so they couldn't have full control on how hard it was
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    I think if Kabam didn't overhype it, it'd be considered a nice boss rush. The fights are fun, but last year was tougher and had more genius placements (Medusa and Quake mainly). This year is less thought through, but still presents a nice challenge for just rewards
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    Rewards match the effort.
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    It was fun. People who are uncollected should also get the chance to celebrate women's day. This is not supposed to cater endgamers. It's just a celebration.

    Yes indeed.
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