Who to rankup?

iSlayUiSlayU Posts: 301
Hey yall, need help on who to rank. If you could, could you tell me what order you’d rank up my champs? Thx!!


  • Stebo_79Stebo_79 Posts: 616 ★★★
    You've got a number of good champs there worthy of ranking up. The 3 that stand out for me are Killmonger, Tigra and Stealthy.
  • Jr_StarkJr_Stark Posts: 182 ★★
    Tigra, Stealth Spidey, She-Hulk, CMM
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 2,895 ★★★★★
    Blue is 1st tier choice, yellow is 2nd tier.

  • KennMcocKennMcoc Posts: 156
    G2099, Domino, CMM definitely r5 worthy
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