Suggestions on ranking 4* r5

Here are my T4 catalysts stash and champions3canzqxc1o3q.png


  • udhabajudhabaj Posts: 40
    Yellow Jacket and Ultron are on my list r4 next though
  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 1,017 ★★★
    Cap WW2 100%. Thank me later
  • AakashAakash Posts: 338
    WW2 is your best option atm. He is good but has lost his value with the nerf to AW imo. His block proficiency will help you till you get to a point when you can intercept almost at any time and you don’t block at all. Good thing about him is that he has a lot of health and he is really good for fighting champs like Jugs
  • AakashAakash Posts: 338
    If you are close to forming your 3rd tech t4cc then take SL to R5 he is a beast and he always will be.
  • AakashAakash Posts: 338
    You are close on mystic but save those mystic t4ccs for someone like Ghost Rider or Doctor Voodoo or Scarlet Witch don’t take up hood.
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