Discord Alliance: Looking For AQ (map 5) and AW (gold 3) players!

"World Wide Alliance" (tag: [WWA 1]) is searching for a few dependable players. We are stable, dating all the way back to 2016, with several of the original members still around and kicking. Relaxed atmosphere, adult members (no drama!), and minimal micro-managing.

  • Map 5 players needed! We run two successful groups, and want to build up a third.
  • Lanes are not assigned, because everybody should be capable of figuring it out on their own. Map 5 isn't that hard.
  • 80-100% attendance and strong participation are expected, with allowances for real-life issues. Just keep us apprised.

  • Gold 3, typically bordering on gold 2--which we did achieve last season. Expect tiers 6 through 8, fluctuating with win/loss streaks.
  • We run two groups during war seasons.
  • 80-100% attendance and strong participation are expected during seasons. Off-seasons are purely voluntary, and sometimes aren't even competetive.

  • We use Discord instead of Line. This is mandatory.
  • Cavalier or above, unless you can make a compelling case as to why that milestone has not yet been reached.
  • You should be using exclusively 5* rank 4 champions, or better. Anything less will likely struggle.
  • English is required. It doesn't have to be your native language, it just needs to be good enough to communicate with.

If interested, look me up either here, in-game, or on Discord (Adjerius#0265). Thanks for reading!


  • AdjeriusAdjerius Posts: 68
    The new war season starts in a few days, and we've still got some room. What is scaring you away? Do I smell bad? I showered this morning, honest!
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