Horseman Assignment STILL Disappears in AQ

DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★
This is ridiculous. Since Apoc’s release, if you designate a champ as horseman in AQ/AW it doesn’t necessarily stay there. I’m getting sick of assigning Wolvie as a horseman and coming back the next day to see it removed.

Fix this issue for goodness’ sake!


  • I had the same thing happen to me. I thought it might have been nullified by a mystic doombot but I didn’t think they could do that to a preflight ability
  • DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★
    They can’t, it’s a bug that Kabam’s been aware of since October and have chosen not to do anything about.

    The more common glitch just happened to me again. Unbelievable. Set the alarm prefight ability and went into a fight, nothing activated. Going to make Do You Bleed so much harder now.

    Fix this Kabam!! It’s been 5 months!
  • I found the bug. If your champion is a horseman and you add sig stones while they are in a quest, they lose their horseman status and cannot get it back.
  • DannyB01DannyB01 Posts: 458 ★★★
    Is that so? I’ve been adding sigs to Wolvie so that could be it! Thanks @Itz_Showtime

    Just happened again anyway. 3rd time this week
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