Gold1, map6 ally looking for players.

Looking for a few players to have fun together, we are tier 5 in wars, not our biggest focus but not slacking it either and map6 everyday, 350 mil a week looking to improve. Need prestige over 10k and no babysitting. If you’re interested please reply here with your line Id or add me in game.


  • TheHyperFlashTheHyperFlash Posts: 41
    How many players?
    Line: Thehyperflash
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    Still looking
  • MahlericiousMahlericious Posts: 30
    I have 2-4 guys looking for a new alliance (waiting to hear back from 2 of them for final confirmation).
    LINE ID: mahlericious
    In-game profile: BÖRK!!
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    Stiiiiiiiiill looking.. Need 2, hopefully that don’t join and leave an hour later..
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    Line id: nilaebran2
  • awesome1werawesome1wer Posts: 101
    What prestige do you want?
  • nilaebrannilaebran Posts: 103
    edited March 2021
    Things have changed, now i am looking for an alliance.. My ally is about to downgrade aw to 2 or 1 bg, they don’t want the “stress” of achieving gold1!! So i and a couple friends decided to move on, looking for a decent placement in aq, around 400mil milestone and gold1 or better in aw.. 10.5k prestige all 3. Hit me up in private if you’re interested..
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