can stealthy do a LOL initial clear+ other questions I have around synergies and interactions

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so stocked up on boosts and got 5k units safety planning to do an initial clear, using a 5/65 sig 20 stealthy and nick evade for main clearing ( he is already a good counter to unstoppable collosus. Been practicing and got good enough at maintaining his fury and crits on 300+ hit fights. Planning to bring arkangel 5/50 as my magik killer but still have a few questions about initial clear viability,
1) how bad is maestro AAR against skill champs, will it prevent applying web cartridge debuffs, do I need another maestro killer, got a 4/55 hype I can bring if needed
2) does daredevils evade projectile apply to my web cartridge hits will I need another option for this fight as well.
3)given war machine and falcon are on the easy path is it a good idea to bring 4* guardian for +750 BP ( could instead bring electro for 15% fury and crit potency
4)is their any other example of a maestro fight aside from act 4 for me to practice sp1 dex on
5) any other synergies that really boost up stealthy I need to know about
6) is the white mags pre-fight potent enough to counter limber on the tougher fights (and also what opponents on the easy path are tag metal, have any been made tag metal when they were updated or do they keep their old tags like the abilities of the buffed characters)
any other concerns or notes I haven't mentioned are appreciated.
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    IMO Stealthy on the easy path man, he's not great for it. I would say you maybe could do a run under 1k units but with LOL being slightly outdated today and the fact that there are better answers for the easy path(aegon, g2099 etc), I would say wait for now
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    And to answer your questions
    1. iirc it was 100%, might be wrong though(when I died with g2099 I used fury and didn't trigger any bleeds)
    2. haven't tested that, but DD evades havok's mediums so I would assume yes for stealthy
    3. Again I would wait, but guardian BP synergy isn't bad.
    4. No I don't think so, Maestro was in EQ a while ago.
    5. NF Evade could help, imo stealthy doesn't need any but IMIW synergy helps for any incinerate or colsnap
    6. Yes, mags pre fight works. All of the champs in LOL are the older versions.
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    **** I missed the question about the tags, I think they keep their tags from back then and don't change.
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    Kill_Grey said:

    Easy path with stealthy is not going to be fun. Fights are quite long from what I've tested.

    -I tested him against maestro, and yes, the aar disables him from applying cartridges on basic attacks. Only expend cartridges on special attacks, and don't bother trying on basics.

    -Daredevil can evade your projectiles. You could get around it by parrying him and immediately throwing sp 2 for the slow. From there, the fight is under control. Proceed as normal. Build up to the first SP 2 using double mediums or you could use Normal comboes if you have white mags synergy.

    -Definitely bring in a guardian, and the white mags synergy is also very important.

    -There is no other maestro currently.

    -Stated above

    -Yes, that synergy completely bypasses limber. I'd recommend you make sure the prefight ability available for the daredevil fight in particular. The rest is up to you. The metal fights are too worrisome on the easy path. Definitely bring a magik counter.

    Stealthy, nick, quake, white mags and guardian is a fair team. You could quake magik if you have the ability. Don't bring in a 4* AA (or any 4*) into Labyrinth. I would definitely advise waiting either way.

    yeah magik was an a** to fight with quake, spent 15 minutes in the corner
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