Changes to Champion Update Schedule

Greetings Summoners,

Starting next month, we’re going to be moving to a new cadence of Champion updates which includes a complete overhaul of an old Champion every month!

Late last year, we mentioned that we were going to be trying out a new 4-4-2 Update Cadence for Champions. This was a very ambitious schedule for us and relied on certain kinds of updates taking less time than others.

We quickly discovered that most Champions that we thought required a “Value Only” update still needed additions to their abilities. This meant the time and effort required are about the same as a Moderate Update.

In order to give each Champion the most meaningful buff as possible, we’re going to be switching to a 3 update per month schedule, which will include 1 Overhaul, and 2 Moderate/Value Only updates.

While this does mean fewer updates overall, it also means that we move from 8 overhauls over 12 months, to 12 overhauls over 12 months, and can spend more time to hit the mark with our Moderate Updates.

We hope to continue with this cadence until a time where we are out of Moderate updates and will re-evaluate what the cadence of Overhauls will be.
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