Map 7 alliance looking for 5 new members who want optional AW

Contest of weirdos has 5 spots to fill in our group. We are looking for map 7 experienced players or map players stuck in a map 6 alliance they have grown out of. If you are experienced in map 7, awesome! If you are that map 6 player looking to move up but nervous about the challenge, we will teach you.

We will be running 2 bg optional war but insist that everyone runs at least their 5 to get season rewards and help the ally fill the spots throughout. Last season we finished silver 1 due to lack of participation and having to run 1 bg, GOLD is our goal at season end.

Looking for 10.5k+prestige, North American time zones (we are very active and push to section 3 before bed and need guys who have similar schedules so we can continue that) must have line and communicate.

LINE ID captdeadp00l
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