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Journey to ‘Breaker of Thrones’ (F2play)

30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
Hi everyone!

This is my 1st post on forums so bare me please !
I started this game back in 2015 played till 2017, got exhausted, career issues, life I quit & took a long overhaul didn’t know that I’ll be on this gaming platform once again. Fate calls upon me, everything settled with life and last year March 2020 due to pandemic, I got laid off from work. So I went onto MCOC, yes (I’m a returning player so knows how game works). As a free2play, it takes a huge toll on roster requirements as soon as you start progressing towards endgame content due to limited resources, roster, rewards but I was very happy to get an invitation from my alliances which is used to hang out in past years. So kudos to (LOD) league of Destruction felt like a family & all MCOC community, youtubers, fellow members, Content Creators, KABAM Moderators, great work on keeping this game going in a right fashion.

It’s about a year March 2021, have cleared almost all content except abyss 4 paths left & variant 1 chapter 3 need to explored !

Here I’ll disclose my strategy,
It’s a simple yet effective approach just have some patience, proceed further step by step with what you have! Play as you can while giving some time for life, family & career.
Here’s more in depth,
• RANK UP certain champions which can help you to proceed further or aid you for future content.
• Don’t spend your iso carelessly they are valuable.
• Resources you’ll earn from content save it but don’t hold them for prolong. Say for e.g., you are doing variant 3 with tech champs, you cleared it & you get the rank up gems, use it wisely on champ which can help you to clear other variants; with the mean time you’ll end up with clearing all the other contents with less roster. Grind arenas even if you are short on roster ( not like you grinding them 4-5 hours) do small arenas 2* or 3* with couple of milestones with consistently spending 15-20 minutes a day is enough.

There are certain guides available on YouTube, which help you to decide “WHATS NEXT?”

Alright don’t wanna take too much time on scripts. Here’s what I got from act 6


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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
    Nice! Who's your rank 3?
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    30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
    I’d rank3, falcon & venom for now. Torch has to wait for a while
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    anaLysis_anaLysis_ Posts: 259 ★★★
    congrats! looks like you had some pretty stellar luck with your pulls
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    30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
    Thanks! Got lucky with the pulls in time
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    hermherm Posts: 415 ★★
    damn lol. I kinda did something similar but I'm nowhere close to act 6 completion and honestly I think I'll go for the abyss first lol. In any case, do you have any particular tips for exploration aside from the obvious rank who you need type of stuff or...
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    30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
    Umm. Have some units for abyss exploration approx. 15k-20k, Ægon, fury, torch, mag, doom/Sym Supreme, They are the OG’s. Follow YouTube for exploration guides, counters rest is all on your skills. Now I can go for abyss exploration have 4 paths left so wouldn’t be tough as I’ve experienced the initial run, so I’m aware of do’s & don’ts.

    Wish you luck for your upcoming progression! I personally felt act 6 exploration is the priority since I’ve have the minimal roster & I can take it step by step by doing 1-2 paths a day with minimal resources. Every step counts & in the final I’ve made it.

    Think is that way, one step at a time eventually lead you to your destination. There’s never a perfect counter/roster so do what you think you can do it for now, be happy with what you have; you’ll get there one day
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    spigwenderspigwender Posts: 473 ★★★
    congratulations, this is awesome. i am working on act 6 exploration in hopes of getting some of the preferable abyss champions, any tips? i have 6.1 and 6.4 explored, and i have every quest in 6.2 explored except for 6.2.5. 6.3 scares me but i feel it isn’t as bad as i make it out to be.
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    30ish30ish Posts: 177 ★★
    6.3 is alright just lookout for the miniboss prior to going for the path, better skim the path on YouTube. 6.2.5 is hell. Use boosts that’s gonna save some units & resources
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