Returning Cavalier Looking For Alliance

Hello all,

I got burnt out last November and quit the game to give a break. A couple of days ago I returned back to the game and I’m playing actively again. Now I’m looking for an active, chill alliance that is organized and semi-casual. I’m experienced in Map 4 and 5 but it might take a bit of time to get the dust of me with regard to good reflexes and stuff.

My Line ID is stopntake and you can find me ingame as Saturn Prince.

This is a part of my roster.


  • FCBThunderFCBThunder Posts: 22
    Hi, I would love to welcome you. We do map 555x5 and 3BG wars. We use Discord for communications.
  • BigturdreleaserBigturdreleaser Posts: 190
    Hello. We run a map 5,4,3 for balance and 1 bg for war so you don’t get burned out. Lol. If you’re interested you can find me at bigturdreleaser in game. We don’t use line either. Most players know what they’re doing by now.
  • AznBaneAznBane Posts: 206
    Hey we run Map 4 with heroic mods. Message me on Discord at AznBane#2779 to check out our rules and to meet the alliance.
  • McmissileMcmissile Posts: 19
    Hi we are a chill alliance running epic mods map 4s, add me on line mcm_pannnn
  • StopNTakeStopNTake Posts: 50
    Hello all, thank you very much for replying to this thread. I’ve found an alliance.
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