R5 a 5* or R2 a 6*?

Hey all,

I can’t decide if I should R5 one of my 5* (Cap IW or Doom) or I should farm one more Tier 5 Basic Catalyst and R2 my 6* Sunspot?

Cap IW is awakened and his signature level is maxed and Doom is unawakened by the way.

Thanks in advance.

R5 a 5* or R2 a 6*? 18 votes

Farm one more T5BC and R2 6* Sunspot
Talpsa874 1 vote
R5 Captain America IW
Kill_GreyYcatsMR_61088Param1988MaxLeeFaseehjimothyvondoom_98 7 votes
R5 Doctor Doom
Luke9523MiekandKorgEtjamaAdamb208TripleURenaxqqIAmSyeDarkKnight646ElwindLlessur 10 votes


  • MaxLeeMaxLee Posts: 205 ★★
    R5 Captain America IW
    Definitely should go for CAPIW..even if you pull him as 6* it will take ages to dupe him then max sig him. The second option should be Doom and the last Sunspot.
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