Need a whole bg

Hello, been spinning the wheels and not going anywhere for awhile. I'm going to trim the fat to 20 today. My crew can finish map4 and map2 every round. Map5 on day1. We are in silver2 and won't advance unless I can get a whole bg to join. If interest please PM in game or Line. Id: b00gerbutt. Those are zeros


  • B00gerbuttB00gerbutt Posts: 22
    Alliance name is (SynFm) Synistar Farms
  • B00gerbuttB00gerbutt Posts: 22
    Looks like a whole bg isnt happening. I'll take map4 players
  • B00gerbuttB00gerbutt Posts: 22
    Another day stuck at 26 members. Could easily make room for merger
  • JaaibothaJaaibotha Posts: 108
    I have messaged you on Line.
  • I've been in your shoes...if it doesn't work out, hit us up....have an exit plan bro...
    [Mac s] Marvel Masters is recruiting 4 active players. 250M average AQ scores and 555x5 with mods. AQ is required and War (Gold 3, 2BG) is optional. Minimum of 8k prestige is preferred. Discord is required for extended communication.
    Mojave_Chic is leader, tell her Illogical88 sent you...join today for Christmas Bonus!
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