Map 7 Alliance running casual 2 BG Gold AW looking to fill a few spots

Contest of weirdos has a few spots we are looking to fill up before next AQ. We currently have 4-5 spots open and looking to fill asap.

We are a map 7 AQ focused alliance working our way up to epic mods and hopefully be there real soon (currently in between no mods, heroic and master) the alliance is currently sitting at 35 mil and 10700 prestige. Hoping to get this group of misfits into top 250 weekly or better.

AW is relaxed and currently 2 BGs so guys can opt-out and work on content or just enjoy real life. We may ask for guys to fill the BGs but that is so that we do not lose out on season reward tiers. We want all members to at least participate enough to get season rewards and end somewhere in gold.


-SIMILAR TIME ZONES. We are a USA based alliance and have guys from coast to coast bit want to make sure everyone is active at similar times.
-ACTIVE MEMBERS. We want guys that join early and move often, we don't want to babysit and have to tag you to join or move every time.
-COMMUNICATION. There is nothing wrong with letting your BG know you may be unavailable for a bit, life happens, just communicate it.
-TAG & RESPOND TO TAGS. self explanatory.

If this sounds like a group you want to join, we want guys not looking to alliance hop and join with us for the long run, lets talk.
LINE captdeadp00l
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