[Suggestion] Increase the Inventory Capacity

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With the plethora of champs being added to both 4 and 5* crystals, it is getting difficult to either hold on to or use the needed catalyst in timely manner before the hard earned already rare catalyst expire. It would be nice if we could get an increase in the inventory capacity for T4C and T1A to at least 12 and 15 respectively.


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    I'm with you on that one, maybe they could increase the iso capacity from a mere 45 to 100/150
  • @Raa Agreed. It takes forever to rank up a champ at higher ranks.
    Also, selling ISO from inventory itself instead of stash.
  • RaaRaa Posts: 293
    @Raa Agreed. It takes forever to rank up a champ at higher ranks.
    Also, selling ISO from inventory itself instead of stash.

    Yeah, the upgrade features seem to be stuck in the past. So many changes but stil so many thing remain the same. By now I'd like to see less of those lvl one iso in my stash, maybe they can give us the choice to convert those into lvl5 iso
  • On 6-stars discussion thread, someone requested increasing the t4 class cats cap from a mere 8 to at least 12 (maybe more) and others too. Kabam Miike said he would relay that information to the game team and that was it. Never heard anything about that again. It would be nice to increase the limit as we are stuck on level 60 and can't increase it by levelling up anymore.
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    I did the math a while back and the current inventory isn't even suitable for mid-level 4* champs. If you ranked up a brand new 4* champ to Rank 3/30, you'd need 1030 T2 ISO items to do it. That would require you to refill your inventory 23 times. For a new 3* champ to 4/40, you'd need to refill your inventory 31 times (over 1400x T2 ISO).

    The health on my 3/30 4* Venom is somewhere around 9k. I'd need 29 level 1 health revives just to restore full health if I used a 20% revive.

    If we're forced to collect dollar bills to buy a Playstation, at least give us a savings account that can hold it...
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    -I've got 23 t4c crystals unopened
    -i have a couple hundred t4c crystal shard crystals unopened
    -i never have enough t1a anymore
    -t4b are not plentiful enough
    -t2a are non existent without 66666

    Storage for ISO, t4b, t1a, t4c storage was correct for the game over a year ago not now.
  • More inventory, and better ways to select inventory. Tapping on each ISO one at a time, occasionally three times each because of a miss, gets very old. They need to add buttons like "Select all Basic" and "Select all Science". That would massively speed up those times when you need to add 40 levels to a champ and you only have tier 3 ISO.
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