Who is better for skill r4 rank up gem?

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Got a skill rank up gem for a while but not yet determined on who to rank up. What do you think? Thanks.
- I don’t have NF and Hit-Monkey
- Tentative preference is Blade. This is a champ that I got in 2021 from NF hunting and I applied a skill AG on him. I know he may not be that top for current meta but I still quite like him.
- I think of Masscare too but I have 6* version

Who is better for skill r4 rank up gem? 18 votes

StevenDoran7LordSmasherEtjamaddomSarvanga1_MaxLeePrakhar_82Xguard77BIGJ757NICK_CALMNESS 10 votes
Wait for NF/Hit Monkey
Ewell65SSS69Param1988Gr8TonyStarkWild_Meat84Avi613 5 votes
Other choice
FaseehYodabolt21[Deleted User] 3 votes


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    Mcdonalds said:

    Falcon awakened? Otherwise stealthy imo

    Falcon unduped. Stealthy already r4 as per the screenshot above.
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    Other choice
    Killmonger or Falcon
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    I wish the results of these polls could be enforced. Do people ever rank up the poll winner or just do what they want anyway?
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    If you want to do blade. Do him. He is still a
    very good champ and you should be upgrading who you want to.
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    I wish the results of these polls could be enforced. Do people ever rank up the poll winner or just do what they want anyway?

    It is difficult to have determined answer, but I can tell you basically I followed the poll results of my last 2 poll posts.

    The reason for creating a poll post is to discuss those choices that I have no concrete idea yet, but I have also stated my preconditions in advance. It is to seek advices that maybe I have overlooked.

    To be honest, skill is my weakest class and I seldom bring in skill champs with me in story quest, EQ, AQ...etc. Aegon is mainly ranked up for LoL/Abyss. I got that r4 gem for certain period already, which reflects how less the chance I have in ranking up skill champs.

    Currently I saved my 5* shards mainly for hunting NF/Hit Monkey (I.e. mutant-skill dual crystals) as I almost collect most of the god tier champs in other classes. Blade is a kind of nostalgic champ during my over 5 years of gameplay, as he was once the mostly sought champ and I still saw demos using him nowadays. I think blade still did well standalone despite one of his trinity member - GR, becomes less and less relevant in the current meta.

    Elsa/Moleman are worthy options yet I seldom use them in gameplay other than Arena, thus I have yet to treasure their function.....and that is why I want to hear more from other players choices.
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    Faseeh said:

    Do you feel the flow of playing elsa or you feel smoother playing blade?

    Actually Elsa is quite fun to play but I have to admit that I don’t know how many or which content she performs the best. For Blade, I just collect the 5* version this year but I have substantial experience using his 4* version in pre-Act 6 contents. That’s why I applied skill AG on him when I decided to r3 him a month ago.
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