I’m not excited for this advice but it will be helpful

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So I’ve just done 6.2.1 and it was pretty easy. I know it gets much worse from here so if someone could list me the best counters for each boss that would be great
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    Each boss in 6.2 that is
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    6.2.2: Any poison immune with furies so CMM, Hyperion, Ghost, Abomination, Hulk, Dragon Man (will have to be careful of Sinister L1), Angela (potentially). Any poison immune with Heimdall + Angela/Hela works as well. Warlock w/ Ultron works because every time Warlock gains a debuff he’s immune to he’ll gain a fury. I personally used G2099, Ghost, and CMM on my attempts.

    6.2.3: Ghost is the best counter for this imho, robots (like G2099 or Warlock) work very well if you play well. I would say KM but he bleeds omega so you’ll want to avoid using him.

    6.2.4: Ghost is another great counter, you can also rely upon champs that don’t focus on debuffs or remove his purification like Omega or Apocalypse. I’m pretty sure SPX would also work great here. You just need to make sure not to parry during destructive feedback. Besides that, just intercept if you’re not using a great counter for it.

    6.2.5: Ghost, Torch, Quake, Doom, Shulk, Prof X (Potentially), Gwenpool (potentially), KM (potentially), Nick Fury, Magik, just essentially any champions that can focus on power control and are able to evade counter. Also, remember not to die with any champions.

    6.2.6: Any nullify champions or champions that can remove unstoppable (CapIW, Shulk). The best options for this are CapIW, Shulk, SorSupreme (Duped), Morningstar, Doom, SymSupreme (arguably the best option with his insane buff control), and Tigra w/ BP. Other options include: Thing, Hood, Kamala, Iron Fist, Ghost w/ Wasp and power booster (unless they patched this), Guardian, Mojo, etc. These are all the options I can think of off the top of my head. There are definitely quite a few more options for him.
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