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What tier Alliance should I be in

CreeseazCreeseaz Posts: 277
edited March 2021 in General Discussion
Prefer more AQ focused than a w. Not really experienced much with actually higher-level alliances so not sure what someone with my roster should be going for.
Apologize in advance, the order of the pictures is messed up, somehow the better roster went towards the bottom.
Doom Fury Gilly wasp and warlock are all R3 and I have a cosmic T5 and Awakening gem waiting for someone worth it and mystic and science t5 as well


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    CreeseazCreeseaz Posts: 277
    Faseeh said:

    That is a great roster. Its all your choice what kind of ally you should be in . If you want a huge challenge you should try tier 1-5. Im right now in tier 9 ally and enjoying it. It all depends on you. BTW we have an opening in case you need an ally

    Ty for the offer I have an ally rn but it kind of slacks off n doesn't 100% the aq maps and I have finally explored everything except abyss so I figure my Champs will be free enough for a high level alliance now
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    CreeseazCreeseaz Posts: 277
    Would appreciate some more info from people please
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    FlyGalaxyBombFlyGalaxyBomb Posts: 777 ★★★
    edited March 2021
    Stone 3 for sure
    stone 2 AT best
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    DrenlinDrenlin Posts: 787 ★★★
    Always bugs me when people post their rosters and its all random with no order. Looking at it i thought CMM was your top champ but 4 pages down sandwiched between the rank2s is the real beef
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