Book Selection

The default book needs to change. This is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things I guess, but highly annoying.
The scenario:
I've finished through act 7.1
I have not fully explored 6.x
I am now working my way through exploration of chapter 6.

Every time I exit a quest it appears to place me in the most advanced chapter/quest I've completed which is in book2, not the last content I was in. This means that as I experiment with my roster or restart a quest in book 1 I have to first start in book 2.
I'm on 6.2.5 which is an extremely annoying quest and I'm having to restart the quest each time I have a bad start etc.
Each time, i have to exit book 2, reselect book 1, drill down into chapter 6 and then reselect the quest. Take into account the lag, maybe my issue and not kabam's but this is too many clicks.

After exiting or completing a quest, we should default to that chapter. Same thing happens in EQ in regards to difficulty. I finish cavalier to get it out of the way and will autofight the rest just to burn E and get more rewards, but I have to reselect the difficulty each time.
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